4 Skirts Fit for Bicycling

One of the questions I get asked often is, "How do you ride in a skirt?". I don't really know how to explain it...I just do it. In fact, I prefer a skirt or a dress over pants. To me, they are more comfortable and allow a greater freedom of movement than slacks. You could say that I almost always...wear no pants ;-)

While most of the dresses and skirts in my closet work for bicycling, there are some that are better designed or specifically designed for riding a bike yet are still office appropriate. And the skirts don't have to be full and flared either. There are some pencil or A-line pieces out there that could be classic staples in your wardrobe. Here are my four picks of skirts fit for bicycling.

1. eShakti Jacquard Knit Pencil Skirt

The back vent zippered closure is quite clever. Unzip to ride and then zip up at your destination. Plus side seam pockets to store your stuff. eShakti will remove the pockets and adjust the garment to your height at no additional cost. Yet you can customize the length to your taste for a small price.


2. eShakti's Graphic Print Crepe Skort

Looks like a skirt from the front but it is a skort. The functional side and back pockets can be removed at no additional cost. Wear this skort with a mustard or pink top or tights to make the hounds tooth pattern pop!


3. Betabrand's Bike to Work Skirt

In gray or black, this skirt has a classic pencil shape. It's fitted when you zip close the panels. Unzip them to reveal hidden godets that allow for a wider range of motion when pedaling. Stored inside one of the functional back pockets is a reflective flag you can deploy when riding at night. I have one of each color in my wardrobe!

4. Betabrand's Work-It Skort

Available in black, gray pin-stripe or navy pin-stripe, this A-line skirt has a short built-in. Plenty of pockets (hidden back pockets and in the short leg) to store your stuff!

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You don't have to bike in performance clothing or pants, especially if you are just riding around town or to the office. I usually ride in a skirt or dress and I prefer to for comfort and freedom of movement. And with clothing options like the ones I pointed out above, it makes it that much easier to bike in a skirt that is also office appropriate.

Also see related post for tips: How to Cycle in a Skirt Happy riding!!

You can ride a bicycle in a pencil skirt to work!

You can ride a bicycle in a pencil skirt to work!