30 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 5 Minutes

Brrr...it is DEFINITELY fall season out there! And for me, it means all of my fun and colorful scarves come out.

I love neckwear and the many different ways I can style them. Below, you'll find 25 options to tie, knot and wrap them in a cool 4 1/2 minute video (no pun intended). And 5 more wears to wear them in a slideshow.

Certain ties and knots stay put better than others to keep them from unraveling while pedaling on the bike (:eek:). You can also tuck the ends underneath your blazer and keep your neck warm during the ride.

Part of enjoying the cooler weather is making it fun and staying comfortably warm while commuting. If you get too hot, just undo your scarf and slip it in your bike basket or pannier!