Bike to Breakfast and Home Improvement Store

One of my last bike commutes from the area where we use to live to downtown Reno, NV.

One of my last bike commutes from the area where we use to live to downtown Reno, NV.

A month ago my family and I moved away from Sparks, NV which had been our home for the past three years to the southwest area of Reno, NV. Our new home is much more central to the activities and places where we spend a lot of our time.

Our move has also shortened by bicycle commute from 20 miles roundtrip to 12 miles. It has also shortened the time I'm on the road, especially when riding in the dark or in bad weather.

Although I miss our previous home, neighborhood and the good people we became friends with, I am truly enjoying my new route to and from work as you can see from the photos above! I get to ride through downtown Reno under the Reno Arch, past murals and the beautiful Virginia Lake.

Many, many of our favorite restaurants are along my route to and from work, through downtown Reno, Midtown and southwest Reno. I can't help but look at my GPS computer to note how near to home we are from so many places where we currently like to eat and shop at. Yet there are still so many new places for us to try and explore!

Our cats love the snow and their new home!!

Life has been a whirlwind, each evening and each weekend. Part of that is because we're living life out of boxes and have not yet formed a routine. We're trying to unpack as little as possible because we will be renovating the kitchen and bathrooms and putting in new flooring all throughout our house.

This past Saturday, we finally had a chance to ride our bicycles to breakfast! About 1.5 miles from our home (and along my bicycle commute route) is a restaurant called Josef's Vienna Baker & CafΓ©. Located near Moana Lane and Lakeside Drive, this place is a bread and pastry paradise! There was not a designated place or bike rack outside of the restaurant to lock up our bikes so we secured them to a wooden pergola in front of the restaurant's window. That way we can see our bicycles from inside the cafΓ© and that worked fine for us.

We don't worry too much about what we eat (pictured: Decadent Baked Eggs and Savory Crepes smothered in Hollandaise sauce) when we ride our bicycles.

After breakfast, we rode to a home improvement store (also within miles from our house) to pick up a door sweep and caulk before we returned home. Our entire trip was just over 5-miles.

Then my husband got on his road bike for a quick spin while I took one of our cats for an easy ride down the streets of our new neighborhood. It was "Love Your Pet Day" and we celebrated it with a fun bike ride together!!

Who does not love a bicycle ride?!

We are really blessed to have a home in a neighborhood that is a better fit for our life and is closer for both of us to bike commute to work.

A Grocery Store Run

Located about a mile from our home is a grocery store. I often swing by on the way to the office or home to pick up a few items that I need for the day or to cook for dinner. While a mile from home does not seem that far, it is a significant distance to walk--especially on the return trip with bags and bags of groceries to carry up a 300-foot ascent. Yet it seems like overkill to fire up the car and drive for such a relatively short distance.

For our family, traveling to the grocery store is best done by bicycle. And when we have A LOT of groceries to haul, we ride together to help carry the load.

Soaking in the view of the city below by taking a longer route.

Our house is situated on a street that makes a large loop so we like to take the longer route to the market and then loop back home. This way we have more time together and more fun time on our bikes!

So we threw our panniers on our bikes and pedaled down the streets.

Fun time on the bicycle and quality time together!

My husband, John, is my biggest supporter. He encouraged me to start riding a bike and, when I was ready, he rode with me for as long as I needed in order to feel comfortable navigating the road. I learned all I know about road cycling and racing from him. And now it's my turn to encourage him to practice utility cycling and go wherever we possibly can around town by bike. I am so lucky to have him to share the joy of bicycling with!

Time to load up the grocery haul!

After shopping, we divvy up the grocery items between our bags and bikes. The fruit and vegetables and case of seltzer water along with anything heavy ;-) go with John in his panniers and on his bike rack. The eggs, bread, flowers and custard pie go with me.

I've been testing the Detour "Toocan 2.0 Pannier" for a couple weeks and have been impressed with the quality of material and construction--and its features. Stay tuned for the review in August and a chance to win a bag giveaway!!

Because our grocery store is a little too far to walk from home but too close to drive, riding our bikes is the way to go shopping!! Running errands is so much more fun when you have someone with whom to share the task and even more fun when you travel (and carry your goods) by a bicycle.

Do you go grocery shopping by bicycle? I'd love to hear about your experience and any tips you have to make your trip easier.